I have been meaning to review this movie for some time now. It’s been a week and a half since I saw it. The main reason for my delay is that I couldn’t really think of what I wanted to say about it. I thought that the visual portion was stunning and that the accompanying music was wonderful. I found the story to be lacking. There was no plot per se.

That was my original idea for this review, not spectacular. It wasn’t until today that I realized a very significant correlation to one of my desert island top five favorite books, Great Expectations. You all know that the convict had been Pip’s benefactor all along. He had gone to tremendous lengths to make sure that Pip was taken care of and educated in all of the finer things. The big difference was that the convict didn’t want Pip to grow up to become his sex slave. He wanted to give Pip the chances that he was never afforded. Somehow, hiring someone to teach a little girl to be your personal prostitute is ok and worthy of winning awards.


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