Yes, this movie did come out some time ago. We went to see it on opening weekend and loved it. The reason for the review now, is the release of the DVD this week. We have been reading this book before bed recently and we purchased and saw the movie again this week.

I was originally, very concerned that Disney was going to lose the story, and I commend them for not mucking it up.

I remember really liking the effects, and the music. I was actually moved by the performances delivered by the children. They convinced me that there was a real relationship between each of them. I think that the casting was phenomenal for all of the characters.

Having read and seen the same story within a week of the events, I must say that I am elated at how the movie managed to remain true to the original story while adding some elements that appeal to a new generation. This is what the eternal optimist in me needed out of the Lord of The Rings movies.

What continues to concern me is the fact that there was not only one book. I believe there were seven total. I have seen that the next film is scheduled for release in 2007. I’m saying now that this is the strongest storyline of any of the books in the series that I have read. I do not expect the other movies to be nearly as good.


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