Let me start by saying that we completely forgot that this was a Spike Lee Joint until the opening credits. With that knowledge everyone should expect extremely foul language throughout. You have been warned.

Aside from that I did find this to be rather enjoyable. It was a departure, for Mr. Lee, from his usual movies. The plot was unusual enough to not be boring, something that more movies in this genre could learn from. Other than that I did not find anything spectacular about the movie. The performances were exactly what you would expect from actors of this caliber. I was overjoyed that Jodie Foster had only a small part.

The truly negative aspect of the movie was some of the camera work. There were a few scenes in which the camera made a slow pan in a confined space with the lens just out of focus. The worst example of this was in an office (about 10’ x 10’), in which the camera panned a full 360 degrees and you could never make out any of the photos or signs or anything on the wall. It was physically nauseating.

Most Memorable Line:

“That thing you’re sucking on….It’s not a pina colada.”


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